Opening offers (£5 off)

  • £55 a first piano tuning for Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and Wakefield clients.

Piano Tuning Prices

Pitch raising (For a piano that has been neglected for some time and is more than 7 cents flat of concert pitch. Two separate tunings are required to bring the pitch up to A440 and to stabilise it. For more information please view this blog post)

  • £75 for Leeds clients.
  • £85 for clients outside a 20 mile radius of Leeds.

Piano Repair & Regulation Price List

  • Call out fee for repairs and regulation £30 per hour, plus parts (Minor work is usually done during the tuning session for no extra charge – otherwise repair fees start from £25)
  • Repair fees for spinet pianos £10 per hour (plus parts)
  • Hammer voicing and toning £30 per hour
  • Complete hammer replacement £400
  • Complete damper spring replacement £350
  • Complete damper felt replacement £300
  • White key covering replacement (whole set) £180 (including parts)
  • Black key replacement £10 per key
  • Replacing every bridle tape £170
  • Restoring damaged ivories £70
  • Cleaning (a thorough cleaning of the whole cabinet, action and pedals) £30
  • Evaluation visit £40
  • Individual string replacement prices vary depending on size but usually £20 – £30 per string

[For queries about specific repairs, regulation, evaluation, voicing or other services not listed above please contact me by email: richard@pianotunerleeds.co.uk (email not working as of 06/12/21. An IT technician is working on it) or by mobile: 0754 266 7040]


Cash, cheque or BACs accepted.