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Pitch raising

If a piano has been tuned regularly in the past and is already close to concert pitch, then a single tuning will yield an excellent result and the piano’s pitch will be stable for around six months. However, If a piano has not been tuned in over two years there is a high probability that the pitch has drifted from it’s ideal (A440 – concert pitch). If this piano is otherwise in a healthy condition, a service called the pitch raise is often the best way to get it back to concert pitch. This costs a bit more (£70 rather than £55) as it takes an extra hour or so.

To raise the pitch, the piano has initially has to be tuned slightly sharp, with the piano tuner aware that as the strings relax a fine tuning can be performed to ensure it’s perfectly in tune at concert pitch.

A word of warning about pitch raising – the piano will need to be tuned again fairly quickly afterwards. The more out of tune the piano was before the pitch raise the less stable the piano tuning will be due to the raise in string tension. It is recommended that you book the Leeds Piano Tuner in three months after a large pitch raise. The more often the piano is tuned after this the more it’ll stay in tune – as convenient as it sounds for the Leeds piano tuner, regular tunings are good for the piano!

Happy New Year to my Leeds and West Yorkshire piano tuning clients!

Happy 2023 everyone. 2022 was the most financially successful year on record for me by a wide margin – lots of piano tuning, and new friends and contacts made with various Leeds and Bradford theaters, recording studios, schools and churches – plenty of freshly tuned pianos out there today. It was a delight. Don’t let anyone tell you that digital pianos have superseded acoustic pianos – lots of Luddites and purists out there like myself who can appreciate the sound and feel of a real piano.

On that note, please don’t forget to have your acoustic piano tuned regularly – ideally twice a year. It’s best for the piano tuning stability, its tone and its longevity.

  • – Richard Lidster, Piano Tuner Leeds.