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Leeds International Piano Competition – did you see it?

Did you attend the Leeds International Piano Competition last week? I did. And I witnessed some of the most marvellous piano playing I’ve ever heard. Piano playing and piano tuning at its finest – what a shame they didn’t book me! Sadly, Steinway have their own piano tuner-technicians, so there’s little chance of me getting that gig in the near future. However, I can make myself available to tune your piano at the next opportunity to make sure it sounds the way it should. All pianists deserve their piano to sound at its best, no matter what their level of ability, so don’t forget to get yours regularly tuned. Regular tunings every six months are good for the piano – they ensure it stays close to concert pitch so that future piano tunings are more stable.

Hats off to the magnificent Eric Lu for winning first prize, but let’s not forget all the other talented pianists who shared their playing with us over the week. When it comes to music, there is no set hierarchy- in my job as a piano tuner in Leeds I regularly hear astonishingly skilled pianists (my own mother is one of them, even though she never practices!) of different ages and backgrounds who are able to play beautifully. Whether you have ambitions to win the next competition or whether you just like to entertain yourself after a long day, regular tuning of your piano is crucial. Don’t forget to check this website Piano Tuner Leeds for regular updates and a list of my available hours.

If you missed the competition here’s a wonderful snapshot – Eric Lu playing my all time favourite Chopin piece, Prelude in E Minor. I could never get my left hand subtle enough when I tried to learn it, but luckily I’m not a professional! From youtube:

– Richard Lidster, Piano Tuner Leeds.