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Shameless self-promotion – my new group ‘Powerhouse’

Far be it from me to promote something completely unrelated to piano tuning, but I have to post a link. I’m in two bands, Apostle which plays progressive rock and am starting a second project called Powerhouse which will be more AC/DC inspired; a more simple rock n’ roll band that’ll get them playing air guitar. I’ve worked hard at putting together five songs (and two b sides) which will form an EP. The link to the Facebook page is:

If you’re on Facebook would you be kind enough to like the page? I just made the page and have no likes yet, so it’s currently the most unpopular band in the world. If you like the concept, here are some demos:

Thanks for reading,

Richard, Piano Tuner Leeds


After an interesting year of mild starvation I’ve had a week of work that was as equal to a typical pre-March 2020 week. In the past year, lack of work led to apathy and caused me to neglect this website a little. Thanks to the recent slew of calls I’m feeling much happier and more motivated about my Leeds and Bradford piano tuning.

I haven’t always been on time with reminders or with updating my Leeds piano tuner availability section. When you originally start a business you spend a lot of time on the website, making sure the availability is updated at least once a day and you have more to talk about on your blog. As time goes on you start to rely on people texting, emailing or contacting you to give a time that works best for them for a piano tuning. There are fewer topics you can write about that you haven’t already said. Also, piano tuning, repairs and regulation are niche topics I’m not sure how many people are genuinely interested.

I don’t think I’ll use this blog as much as I used to when I started piano tuning. There just isn’t as much new ground to cover. Instead it’ll be used for any important updates.