Monthly Archives: September 2022

What to do if I don’t answer the phone

If I haven’t answered your call it’s likely I’m either at band rehearsals or performing at a concert. Otherwise I’d happily take the call to discuss a possible piano tuning. Your custom is always most welcome. Leaving a voice mail, text, email is always an excellent way to contact me.

It would seem that many piano tuners in this day are either semi-retired or reluctant to take on clients. I’ve only been piano tuning professionally in Leeds since 2015, so I’m still eager to take on as much new work as I can possibly manage.

I sometimes miss calls, which I don’t like to do. As a semi-professional musiciain I’m regularly performing live as a singer, keyboard player and guitarist in Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, Bradford, Harrogate and anywhere else that’ll have me. I’ve sadly missed a few piano tuning related calls recently due to people phoning during soundcheck or band rehearsals. A text, phone call or email is always most appreciated.