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What’s going on with me?

What’s going on with me, the Leeds piano tuner? Outside of lots and lots of West Yorkshire piano tuning (lots in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Harrogate) I’m also doing analogue recording as a hobby. I don’t charge anything for this.

I own two reel to reel machines (a Fostex B 16-track and a Fost R 8-track) and a Tascam 8-track midistudio (cassette recorder). I also own a set of professional-level microphones, some mixing hardware (external mic preamps & EQ, 2 compressors/limiters,  and a valve-based compressor/saturator), mic stands and leads, and a passion and enthusiasm for music that’s almost unparalleled. If someone wants me to do some recording for fun, I never charge anything for it and I never say no.

Now piano tuning? That’s another matter. That’s my bread and butter and main source of income. My prices in that regards are very reasonable compared to most others in the UK, where the average is between £60 and £90 depends on location – much more expensive in the south East.. This blog should be focused on piano tuning really. I never turn down piano tuning work and am available twenty-four-seven, tuning hammer in hand.