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Piano Tuner in North Yorkshire this weekend

Busy weekend ahead! A quick reminder for anyone in North Yorkshire that I’ll be in the area piano tuning on Saturday evening. I have two piano tuning jobs in Scarborough this evening (one at Scarborough sixth form college), one in Filey and then one in Ravenscar tomorrow morning at 10 AM. I’ll then be driving to Weatherby for a single piano tuning booking at 2 PM and am looking to make a booking at 5 PM and 7 PM tomorrow in North Yorkshire. If you are in the area and need a piano tuner, please contact me.

– Richard Lidster, Piano Tuner Leeds.

New school year! Time to book the piano tuner

It’s a new school year! Piano lessons are back on track. Don’t hold your child’s progress back by letting them practice on a piano that’s not in tune! Learning on an out of tune piano can be very discouraging and will spoil a child’s sense of pitch. It’s hard enough getting some kids to practice as it is without expecting them to practice on a piano that’s not as good as it should be!

If you live in Leeds or Bradford my opening offer still applies – just £40 for a first piano tuning, which is well below the average rate in the UK. If you book me in to tune your child’s piano, I may offer another small discount  if you agree to pass on some business cards for me as a quid pro quo.


– Richard Lidster, Piano Tuner Leeds.

Current piano tuning discount for Leeds schools, hotels and churches

New discount of £30 per piano for all tunings in schools, hotels and churches in Leeds and Bradford. I was also tune 5 pianos in a day for £100.

Follow this blog for further news on future offers, deals and discounts. For other enquires I will direct you to my contact page.

– Richard Lidster, Piano Tuner Leeds.