Another revamp in order?

I’m desperately trying to revamp this website to make it appear more contemporary and mobile-friendly, but it’s difficult to do without affecting certain algorithms that determine it’s visibility. Apologies to anyone struggling with the layout, it’s legible but it could be more professional-looking. I’ve tried my best.

Overall I wish I’d made it less about myself and more about piano tuning, but I like to stress that I’m a musician and how that makes me respectful to each piano. I have a high standard to what I want from a piano, and I make sure I leave the customer with a piano that I would be happy to play myself.

I’m offering some earlier hours now to offset the loss of revenue due to Covid-19. I used to keep earlier times for professional venues, but I’m happy to tune pianos at homes at 9 AM now. I’ve realised how convenient it is: once the piano tuning is done it gives the customer the rest of the day free. It doesn’t matter where you are: Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Harrogate, York – I’m piano tuning in all those towns and any nearby area.

I’m very motivated right now. I hope to see my Leeds piano tuning business back to pre-Covid levels, but that’s a while away yet!

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