All work and no play for the piano tuner

I’m a very tired piano tuner today, so will try and keep this blog post succinct. As always, I am thankful and appreciative of all the piano tuning requests I have received this month from folk across Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire. I always appreciate the extra work. If you’re looking to get your piano tuned, please head over to my availability page or drop me an email. As hectic as the Christmas season is, I’m still able to take on new customers at short notice, so don’t be a stranger…

In other news my band Apostles of Chaos (based in Leeds) have been working hard on our new album, releasing a new preview track along with the highly appropriate artwork by Paul Dews. You can pre-order the album at our label’s website Progressive Gears.

Here’s a clip of a preview of song that will appear on the album (no, it isn’t quite pitch perfect yet and will need some tweaking before commercial release!). That said, we’re all very pleased with how it turned out:


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