Piano Tuner Diary 13-09-18

I had two piano tuning jobs in the Leeds this morning – one in Beeston and one in Kirstall, just across from Kirkstall Abbey. Both pianos were very old, very well-loved straight-strung over-damped pianos with several on-site repair jobs needed to bring them up to standard. On the second I found lot of clicking noises which I fixed, but it reminded me of how common a problem this is in old upright pianos. Clicking sounds could have a multitude of causes, but as a piano tuner it’s my job to diagnose the problem and solve it for you after the tuning. If this is happening to your beloved piano, it could be caused by one of the following issues:

  • Loose hammer head or hammer flange screw
  • Loose whippen flange
  • Loose key top
  • Worn or missing hammer rail cloth
  • Loose centre pins in hammer butt

As always, I would advise against trying to fix this yourself! If you live in Leeds or Bradford and need an experienced piano tuner, please give me a call: 07542667040

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